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Owls of the World Worksop

Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

Owls of the World Workshop 

A fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with these wonderful birds, each of these owls has their own individual personality - from tough Great Horned Owl to the shy quiet Milky Eagle Owl.  One of the amazing opportunities with this workshop, is the variety of owls available from different habitats, continents, behavioral personalities and physical size.  

We will work with an experienced Falconer who works with these owls on a day to day basis, can provide fantastic facts about their lives in the wild, their natural behaviors and the physiology of owls.  Using this knowledge the workshops have been designed to ensure that the perches and backgrounds used are as natural as possible to where they would be found in the wild.  

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The Workshop

Photography is not just taking a picture it pays to know about your subject and subject knowledge will help you in the world. this workshop is deigned to help you put them skills together. You will be able to get up close to these wonderful birds and have a go at holding one on a glove.

In this workshop we will work with 5 to 6 individual owls from a list provided, each owl will be taken to a wooded area within the location of the Owl center and placed in a suitable perched location, each owl will be photographed as if its in its natural surrounding environment.

Available Owls

Great grey owl, Northern hawk owl, Siberian eagle owl, Africa white faced owl, Great horned owl, Long-eared owl, Barn owl, Tawny owl, African spotted eagle owl, Milky eagle owl, please note some owls may be at time of your workshop be in molting condition if so we will change the owl.


The day will start by looking at the camera settings we will be using throughout the day covering   Aperture, Aperture compensation, shutter speed, ISO, White balance, Depth-of-field, exposure and light,  setting suggestions will be available all day if wanted.

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Booking information

Cost: £100 per person

Dates: Dates to suit, best to avoid school holidays as feeding station can get busy.

Equipment: For this workshop you will need lenses of 200mm - 400mm.  A tripod is essential for working in the low light, particularly winter A shutter release cable, plenty of SD/ CF cards and batteries.  Walking boots or wellingtons, warm clothing, gloves are extremely useful even when it doesnt seem cold enough as we will be outside most of the day.   

Please bring your own lunch, small snacks will be provided.

Location: Workshops take place at The Scottish Owl Center from 9.30am until around 3.30pm. The workshop will start at 09.30 from the visitors center where we will have a chance to have a quick look around and have an introduction to the day. 

The Scottish Owl Center is easily accessed from the M8.

Payment: This workshop is for 3 - 4 people at £100 per person, a £30pp non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking, if the workshop is cancelled a full refund will be provided or alternative dates. For more information please see Terms and Conditions

Designed and provided by Dean Bricknell

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