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Red Grouse Workshop

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Capture Stunning Images of Red Grouse in Spectacular Scottish Moorland. 

Scotland offers some of the most stunning Heather Moorland locations available for Red Grouse photography, with more than one location available for this workshop depending on grouse activities clients can choose what suits them best. 

The early spring workshop will find us arriving to the sound of the Male red Grouse evocative call, as well as the best opportunity to view their courtship displays and territory  protection behavior as they start to find a female to breed with.  

The August Workshop concentrates on creating stunning images of Red Grouse in a carpet of flowering Heather, with stunning lighting conditions for beautiful portraits.  This workshop begins once the Heather has flowered.  

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Workshop Sizes

This workshop is limited to one or two people maximum to allow us to use the car as a hide.  Tuition will be provided on exposure, lighting, shutter speeds, aperture, as well as techniques on how to achieve different compositions.   When the opportunity arises we will head out on foot on the moor which is a great time to ask any fieldcraft questions.  

The workshop will start early in the morning to make the most chance for some magical morning light and bird activity. As we will have the car for a hide, we will continue to work in most weather conditions which can make for some stunning images.  We will stop for lunch at high sun, where we can spend time reviewing images, going over any questions before heading back out. 

Booking Information

Cost:  £120 per person. maximum of two guests. 

Deposit: £50.00

Dates:  End of February - late march and again November/December 

*Other dates can be arranged to suit. please contact me at info@lisalouise.co.uk for more details. 

Time - Starting at 6.30am normally till 3.00pm,  If excellent lighting conditions or chance of a stunning sunset an extended lunch can be taken before going back out. 

What is included: Tuition, Lunch with refreshments, transport during the workshop and feedback on images. 

Equipment: lenses from 300mm upwards, beanbag, monopod.  Camera Equipment can be hired and mono-pods/ beanbags can be provided.  

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