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Red Kite Workshop

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The Red Kite workshop is ran all year round. It gives a fantastic and unique opportunity to photograph these impressive raptors diving and tumbling.  They are fed on a daily basis at the Red Kite feeding station so there will be maximum opportunity to get these birds in flight.  


Spring is the time the Kites start to tumble with each other, courtship is now on there mines and nest building a few pairs will stay around but most will move away to other breading locations.


Watch how the adults teach the young Kites how to swoop in on the food but they don't always get it right and this is the time to photograph the Kites on the ground along with young Buzzards. if the young Kites are not confident they will perch them self's around the feeding area relying on the parent Kites to bring them food.

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This is the time that the Kites start to come together in large numbers bringing in there young and start to do some flight displaying as if they are happy to see each other again, watch how some of the young Kites start to show of there flying skills all this adds to good photography shots.


Winter is the time for large numbers of Kites 50/60 strong all looking for an easy meal this makes for great group flight shots and when they start to feed its like someone has turned a tap on they all follow each other swooping and diving down on the feed without touching the ground or the snow.

This workshop looks at two types of shots, flight and feeding. Both types of shots are completely different from each other and needs your camera and setting to be changed to suit, this workshops shows you how on both set ups and how to get them shots. The day will start by looking at camera settings covering Shutter speeds, ISO, Exposure, Exposure compensation, Tracking, Focusing, and Focusing modes, then we will move up into the main hide ready for the Kites to move in on the feed.

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Booking information

Cost: £100 per person 

Dates: Dates to suit, best to avoid school holidays as feeding station can get busy.

Equipment: For this workshop you will need lenses of 300mm - 500m for flight images and a teleconverter for feeding images. A bean bag is a must for the hide (this can be provided if required) and a shutter release cable, there is no need for a tripod as we will be working from the main hide.  

Warm clothing is recommended for inside the hide and good footwear for the shot walk to the hide as it can get muddy when wet.  Please bring your own lunch, small snacks will be provided.  

Location: Workshops take place at Argaty Red Kites near Doune from 10.30am until around 17.00pm.  The workshop will start at 10.30 from the visitors centre then we will move up to the main public hide for the rest of the day

Payment: This workshop is for two people at £130 per person, a  £30pp non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking,if the workshop is cancelled a full refund will be provided or alternative dates. For more information please see  Terms and Conditions

Workshop designed and provided by Dean Bricknell

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