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Talons Workshop

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Spectacular Raptor Workshop In Stunning Scottish Landscape

On this workshop we will have fantastic access to some of the best quality birds including Short Eared Owl, Golden Eagle, and Kestrel all very well trained by a very experienced Falconer.  These birds have been trained specifically for film and photography, and will allow us to capture some stunning portrait images or environmental landscape images.   Each of these birds has their own personality and we will often be treated to some natural behavior photography. 

The workshop is held in the Loch Lomond Area, with us beginning our day at the Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre before heading out to each location just a short drive away.  

Each location is chosen uniquely to produce images with each bird in their natural habitat.  This is a great opportunity to photograph one of Britains best loved owl and with only 2 or 3 Short-eared owls in captivity and licensed to take part in workshops its a must for owl lovers.

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Mid day we will have a break for lunch at the center which has excellent classroom facilities where we can review images and have a chance to ask any questions before heading back out again.  Lunch is not provided however there will be coffee and biscuits and if we are lucky some home baking.

With each of these species we will have a chance to refine our technique, with enough time with each location to capture stunning portrait and environmental images.   Institutional help is available with composition, light, shutter speeds and story telling techniques.  

Booking Information

Cost: £100 per person

Dates Dates to suit. fixed dates coming soon.  

Equipment and Clothing: For this workshop a lens of around 200mm minimum and up to 500mm are ideal.  A monopod or tripod is also very useful. You will also need a sturdy pair of boots we will be working in a field, waterproofs, just in case as the workshop will go ahead in light rain... some of the images happen in unexpected weather.  

Payment:  A deposit of £30pp will hold your place and full payment will be due 4 weeks prior to your workshop date. All deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your workshop. If the workshop is cancelled due to weather  then a full refund will be provided or the option to come on the rearranged date. for more information please see terms and conditions.

workshop Designed and provided by Dean Bricknell

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